The law firm has adopted a negotiated remuneration system due to the variety of cases we handle. This allows us to adjust the remuneration to the individual needs and expectations of each client and to take into account the specifics of each assignment. Each assignment is priced separately, taking into account: the complexity of the case, the number of lawyers involved, the materials provided and the substantive support from the client. This allows us to provide clients with an individual approach and to take into account all factors that may affect the cost of the service. In this way, clients can be assured that they are only paying for the services we actually offer them and, in turn, we can provide them with the highest quality of service.

In each case, the client knows the amount of the remuneration before entrusting the Firm with its case.
The law firm offers the client at least three types of remuneration:


fixed monthly amount,
independent of the workload of the law firm, usually applied for permanent services for entrepreneurs


dependent on the workload of the law firm - the number of hours a lawyer works on a given assignment, usually used for urgent, one-off assignments


an amount that is independent of the firm's workload, usually used for single assignments whose execution time is difficult to determine in advance

At the client's request, it is possible to modify these types of the law firm's remuneration and to make the remuneration dependent on the result achieved (success bonus).